Tennis can provide a safe opportunity for healthy outdoor exercise during the COVID-19 outbreak provided that the public health practices put forward by TennisBC and endorsed by the provincial government are followed:
• All court bookings and membership payments are to be made in advance online at There will be no drop-in play. Members may bring guests for a $5 per person cash fee to be deposited through the payment slot in the green shed.
• Arrive a few minutes before your court time and leave directly after.
• Enter the court by the main gate when clear, and exit by the gate near the Facility Centre.
• Use the hand sanitizer provided at the gates to clean hands before entering and leaving the courts. Players should also carry and use their own hand sanitizer after touching surfaces.
• There will be no benches. Bring a lawn chair for your personal use if you wish, provided you take it when you leave. Do not share equipment.
• Bring your own water. The fountain will be closed.

• Take your trash home with you. There will be no trash cans.
• Each player should have their own clearly marked tennis balls to be used when serving. Return balls to the server or neighbouring courts using only your racquet. Balls will be safe for re-use after 3 days, or after spraying with bleach disinfectant.
• Play with family/household members when possible.
• Doubles are allowed with strict adherence to social distancing of 2 metres.
• Consider not changing ends during a match. If you change ends pass at opposite ends of the net.
• Refrain from touching your face.
• Do not attend the courts if you have symptoms or if you have been exposed to a COVID patient within 14 days.
• The elderly, and those with immune compromise and chronic diseases, should consider not attending the courts.
• Assist each other in following the rules. Behaviors will be monitored; a lack of compliance will result in a suspension of play and could result in a suspension of membership.
• PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Preparation for, and participation in playing tennis at the Nelson Tennis Club, shall be entirely at your own risk.


During these times of restricted social activity, the Pickleball Community needs to respond with a modified operating model. Socializing at the courts does not match the requirements and orders put in place by our Provincial Health Authority. The following are guidelines for returning to the LVR courts. (We have no jurisdiction over Lakeside Courts. Contact the City of Nelson, if you wish.)

Social Distancing

  • Stay home if you are sick or have come in contact with someone who is sick (14 days)

  • Maintain social distancing.

  • Pre-arrange play via ONLY.  NO DROP-IN games.

  • Play with a limited number of players. We will start with 2 courts. 

  • Play only with your group of 2 (Singles) or 4 (Doubles). Do NOT intermingle with players from the other court.

  • To limit Social Interactions, as recommended by the Provincial Health Officer for BC, Dr. Bonnie Henry, always play with the same partner or players in your foursome (your Pickleball Social Bubble), for at least the first month.

  • Please do NOT arrive early or linger after your playing time.

Cleanliness Concerns

  • Avoid touching your face until you have washed your hands (soap and water or sanitizer).

  • Use the Hand Disinfectant provided at the gate after entering and leaving. Players should also carry their own hand sanitizer for use after each game.

  • No sharing of equipment, water bottles etc.

  • No paddle taps at the end of the game.

Ball Handling

  • Provide your own balls or contact Doug or Gloria to receive a club ball.

  • Sanitize the balls before bringing them to the court (20 second wash with soap and water). Everyone is responsible for their own balls.

  • Print your name on your ball(s) with a permanent marker.

  • Extra balls will also be available from the club at a very reasonable price. 

  • When your ball travels to another court, ask a player to kick or paddle it back to you.

Booking of Times

  • Booking by court and time-slot will be done, as in winter, via

  • Sign-up can be done for groups of two or four. To facilitate contact tracing, if needed, all names must be included.

  • We will play on the two outer courts to accommodate Social Distancing. 

  • All players must pay the Tennis Club Annual Membership fee or a $5.00 Tennis Club Drop-In fee. 

  • All time-slots will be for one hour and twenty-five minutes. There will be five minutes between bookings so that the current players can gather their belongings and leave before the new group enters the courts.

  • Please do NOT enter the courts until everyone from the time-slot before your booked time has left.

  • If nobody is waiting at the end of your slot, please lock the gate.