Ball machine booking and use

1* It can be used on any court, but we strongly recommend that courts #1 and #4 be prioritized for its use; this will reduce frequency of balls straying on to other courts.
2* To book the machine on our court booking system, enter your name as usual then for your partner select “Ball Machine” from the drop-down member menu.
3* Prior to booking the machine, please scan the other courts for that time to make sure it is not already booked out.
4* When you come to use the machine there is a paper form stored in – or very close to – the ball hopper. It just asks for some basic info (date and how long used, and we will insert recharge dates). Please fill in after you have used the machine and stick the form back where you found it. This will help us gauge frequency and timing of recharging.
5* Remember the rental charge is $10/hour. Please deposit $s in the slot in the green shed.

NOTE: If the machine won’t power up, check that the master power switch is not in the “off” position. It is located underneath on the right hand side, and can sometimes get knocked when the machine is being moved. If you have any issues with the machine, call Angus 250-777-2591 or Simone at 647-967-4744.